NutriBullet Blender Set-Reviews

NutriBullet 12-pc.600- Watt Super Food Nutrition Extractor And Blender Set-Reviews

A good product is one that comes along with additional accessories so that you are able to use it with ease. It saves you from the hassle of buying other complementary products. This saves your money for other useful activities. In the same way, a blender will also serve you better if it includes extra things such as cups and mugs. This is exactly the case with Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja Watt Super Food Nutrition Extractor and Blender Set. Let’s see why.


·    24-oz capacity

·    600 Watts Power

·    Original and exact as seen on TV

This outstanding blender has a capacity of 24 ounces which makes it light and therefore portable and more convenient to carry along. You can easily and put it at any of your preferred point for blending.

It also comes with an excellent base for support. The base is made with slightly heavier material to give it maximum support and hence hold the blender in a stable position as blending operations continue. You are therefore assured that the blending jar won’t fall off due to the vibration. Neither will your ingredients pour off.Its design is just amazing.

NutriBullet 12-Pc 600-Watt Super Food vitamix vs ninja Nutrition Extractor Blender Set produces power of up to 600W. This is prodigious. The large amount of power enables it to crush, chop, and blend a wide range of ingredients in totality. This gives you the results you desire. It is so powerful.

In addition, this spectacular blender includes a set of accessories including cups and mugs to help you fill the blending jar with ingredients without necessarily buying new items. What a blender! It saves a lot.

Furthermore, unlike other products that look perfectly beautiful on TV but appear bad in the real sense, this fascinating blender is just as exact as seen on your TV. It is designed with beauty and this makes it visually appealing to almost everybody.


The blender has impressed many customers who have posted   a number of positive reviews about them.

Reviews have shown that the blender has been termed as   a little juicing beast. It  blends the juice ingredients  so well leading to high yield and excellent  quality juice with all the nutrients  preserved .

Reviews have also proved that it is easy to clean the blender .This makes it more appropriate for those who use it on frequent basis. You simply need the right detergent and water. You can therefore use it as many times as possible without the fear of encountering cleaning problems.

In addition, from their reviews, customers seem to like its small size which makes it potable. Its high speed enables it able to blend ingredients   more quickly for you.

You should however beware of the noise it produces when blending. It is not destructive though.


Besides its good performance, NutriBullet 12-pc 600Watt Superfood  Nutrition and Blender is also easy to maintain especially when it comes to cleaning. In addition, its motor is durable.  Definitely you need to acquire this.


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